Sophie | sixteen
Q: you are crazy talented

wow thank you!!

asked by thuderstormsandpetticoats
Q: I absolutely love your drawings. You are so talented! I was wondering if you do draw people that send in their photos because I would love a drawing like this!(:

Thank you!! No sorry I’m not at the moment :)

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Q: I saved some of your drawings in my phone, its beautiful :)

Thank you! :)

asked by milkaramel
Q: do you have a personal blog or a real blog or anything? like a blog for reblogging?

This is my only blog

asked by creepy-fae

Hey everyone sorry for my extreme lack of posts lately, I have been away :) Thank you for all of your suggestions there are heeaaaps! I can’t answer all of them but I will pick a few to draw. More drawings coming soon so watch this space!! ✌ 

Q: your, i'm falling in love with them! x

Thank you!! xx

asked by purr--fectionn
Q: Is it drawing By yr hands or apps. I wanna learn adobe illustrator! As portrait drawing! I been looking something to suggested me or anything can its would help me!

I just draw by hand, so sorry I can’t really help you much!

asked by toxicmir0tic
Q: Your art is so cute! I'm inspired :)

Thank you so much! :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: I want to start drawing, but I've never been taught. Do you have any tips for how to start and teach myself

Hey! I think it’s just a matter of practising, the more you do it the better you will get. Just start with a photo of something you want to draw, simple to start with (sometimes I fold the photo into quarters and do the same with my paper so you can focus on one bit at a time) then away you go. Don’t rush it and just keep doing each little detail until you are happy with it. Hope this helps! xxx

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