Q: How about portrait of one of your followers?

Yeah I have done one once! The thing is I don’t think many people would want to send a total stranger a photo of themselves to draw and I don’t blame them :)

-asked by Anonymous
Q: Have you drawn Alex Turner yet? Because I'd love it if you drew him or Chloe Grace Moretz! xx

No I haven’t I will definitely add them to my list! xx

-asked by arcticsunny
Q: Yeah hey! Just another Sophie passing by hahahaha :=)

hahahahahahaha tumblring sophies unite!

-asked by freked
Q: I love the fact that your name is Sophie, because we have the same name, and if I reblog something from you it says my name, too. I don't it's just really funny lol

Hahahaha another Sophie!!!!!! Watch out we are taking over xx

-asked by lamelouise
Q: It's probably the lovliest blog I have ever laid eyes on! Oh and I love your name (my name's sophie as well) x

Wow this is so nice thanks so much!! Haha I will add you to my exclusive list of Sophie blogs xx

-asked by purnba
Q: Your art is so cute! I'm inspired :)

Thank you so much! :)

-asked by Anonymous
Q: I want to start drawing, but I've never been taught. Do you have any tips for how to start and teach myself

Hey! I think it’s just a matter of practising, the more you do it the better you will get. Just start with a photo of something you want to draw, simple to start with (sometimes I fold the photo into quarters and do the same with my paper so you can focus on one bit at a time) then away you go. Don’t rush it and just keep doing each little detail until you are happy with it. Hope this helps! xxx

-asked by Anonymous